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How long does it take to register a boat in the BVI?

After all the required documents, including the Carving and Marking Note are returned and the fee paid, the Certificate of Registry is printed and issued immediately. Any delays are usually connected to arrangements between the registration company and the client. On average, the process takes 4-6 weeks, usually because the client needs to collect all the documentation.

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What is the benefit of BVI boat registration?

  • BVI registry is a member of the Red Ensign Group. Ships flying the Flag are entitled to British Diplomatic/ Consular support and Royal Navy Protection. BVI enjoys the technical expertise of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.
  • There is no need for the boat to enter the BVI, the
  • Low Initial Registration & Annual Maintenance fees.
  • Certificates are recognized worldwide.
  • Fully developed system for boat registration , mortgages, discharge of mortgages, change/ transfer of ownership and other proprietary interests and services.
  • Full corporate, legal, telecommunications and courier services available in BVI.
  • Political and social stability in BVI and British Judicial System.
  • BVI is the yachting mecca of the Caribbean, equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities, berths, accommodation, supplies and services.
  • Prompt, courteous and efficient service.
  • Fully computerized Fleet Management System and Database.

What is the BVI boat registration process?

  1. If you are a BVI national or a BVI company, you can register directly with the BVI shipping registry.
  2. For others, the first step is acquiring a vehicle to register the yacht (usually a BVI company). This is usually done with the help of one of our member organizations, fill out the form to get in touch now.
  3. You will be walked through the process, where all the required documents are assembled. This can take 2-7 days, but also 2-3 weeks (if you miss some of the required documents). If you feel adventurous, see the list of documents. Generally, having someone on the ground in the BVI is a great idea, as any issues with your paperwork will mean denial of your registration.
  4. The boat is registration company will file the documents on your behalf, receive the certificate and send it, as per your agreement.

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What taxes are involved in buying a boat in the British Virgin Islands?

There is no value added tax or sales tax on boats in the BVI. As for the parts, there is a 5$ import duty on marine parts.

What are marina charges like in the BVI?

There are marinas with less facilities starting at $14/ft/month. The Nanny Cay marina charges from $25 to $50 per foot per month, depending on the length and hulls.

What documents are needed to register a boat in the BVI?

  • Application to register
  • Declaration of Eligibility
  • Original Documents of sale such as Bills of Sale, Builders Certificate.
  • Certificate of Survey and Tonnage Measurement issued by one of our Classification Societies. If the vessel is over 24 metres in Load Line Length an International Tonnage Certificate (ITC69) is required
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if a company is applying)
  • Initial Registration fee: See list
  • If the ship is coming off a foreign register, the deletion certificate and an extract of their register is required
  • If the ship is coming off a Red Ensign Register, the Closed Transcript and copy of original Certificate of Survey/Tonnage Certificate
  • Any documents that are used to support an application and are in a foreign language must be accompanied by a notarized translation and it must be certified as correct by a notary public
  • All applications must be accompanied with the appropriate fee. We can supply all the necessary forms from the Registry. When you apply to register your vessel you will have to make a list of nominated names. A list of fees and charges for registration are available at the Registry.

What is the cost of BVI boat registration?

For all non-BVI registrants, the major cost is the vehicle to carry the license. There is also a set of communication fees (usually DHL), that do add up. As for the registration itself, the costs are as follows. Note that these costs do not include the vehicle for the registration.
Merchant ShipsRegistration FeesAnnual Fees
Less than 500 GT$750$750
500GT - 1,999GT$750 + $.50 per eacht additional GT$1,250
2,000GT-9,999GT$1500 + $.18 per each additional GT$2,500
10,000GT-49,999GT$2940 + $.16 per each additional GT$7,500
50,000GT and above$10,000$10,000

Pleasure VesselsRegistration FeesAnnual Fees
Less than 24m$600$100
24m and above$750$300

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